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POPHAM DESIGN | Contemporary Moroccan Floor Tiles

Popham Design was founded in Marrakech in 2007 by American expats Caitlin and Sam Dowe-Sands. Their witty take on traditional Moroccan concrete floor tiles quickly took the world by storm thanks to their clever reimagining of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic in fresh, colourful new ways.


Regularly featured in magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and Vogue Living, Popham tiles have become the must-have statement piece in designer homes from New York to Paris. Bold, colourful and ever-evolving, today you can choose from a colour palette of 111 unique shades in innumerable shapes and patterns.  


What started as their now iconic ‘baguette’ tile quickly segued into zigzags, honeycomb and starbursts, while inspiration from motifs found in their immediate environment led to tiles that feature leaves of an artichoke, the scarab (a beetle native to the nearby Agafay desert, and Essaouira seagulls.


Their latest collection, Popham+ is a range of luxury decorative items launched in 2018, which include brass and marble lighting, pure wool rugs and a drop-dead gorgeous backgammon set, all of them handmade by master artisans in Morocco.  Now they’ve combined the two materials and launched the Hex Brass Inlay tile with a beautiful brass inlay inspired by Cycladic sculpture. Splash-backs never looked so regal. 


Call ahead if you want to drop by the Popham Design studio and workshop (7km Route d’Ourika) and see their tiles being made by hand. 

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