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new fashion at el Fenn boutique

New in the Boutique

We’re always on the hunt for the newest fashion talent here in Marrakech – and we’ve just added two new designers to the El Fenn boutique whose work we think you’ll love.


Stella H is the laid back resort collection created by Estelle Harduin. She was working as a jeweller in St Tropez before moving to Morocco where she decided to develop a fashion line, drawing on her student training in pattern cutting. 


Estelle’s aim was to create relaxed resort wear that could move between her two worlds: St Tropez in Europe and Marrakech in Africa. Her pieces, mostly made in cotton, are handmade here in Marrakech and all feature signature embroidery elements. The range includes shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts and dresses that can be mixed and matched, as well as bags. 


‘For me, what’s interesting is the tension between the clothes we wear and the world we’re in,’ says Estelle. ‘Stella H isn’t fast fashion. It’s the opposite. It’s made slowly using the highest quality fabrics and finishes.’ 



Rana Rezapour’s work caught our attention because of its beautifully structural qualities. Her monochrome collection in black, grey, creams and taupe evokes the work of Japanese designers and Rana uses cashmere, linen and cotton to create her collection. 


Born in Iran where she trained as a civil engineer, Rana worked across the world before moving to Marrakech in 2018 to work on a project with a women’s carpet cooperative. But during lockdown, she decided to teach herself fashion. And discovered an incredible natural gift for it.


‘I bought brown paper and scissors and set to work teaching myself about pattern,’ she says. ‘I’d always customised my clothes, even as a child, and it felt like an extension of that part of myself.’


The result is a stunning collection of truly one-off pieces. Drop in to the El Fenn Boutique to see Rana and Stella H anytime from 10am to 10pm Monday-Sunday.

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