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Artists At El Fenn – From Europe

A trip to El Fenn means being immersed in colour, creativity and of course art. Because art has always been the heartbeat of El Fenn. And works from our collection hang throughout the hotel – everywhere from bedrooms to public spaces. 


While one half of our collection features new and established artists from Morocco and Africa, the other is work by European creatives. In the second part of our look at the art of El Fenn, we profile some of them. 


Jane Simpson

Jane Simpson - Art at El Fenn - ceramics enclosed in a glass frame on a red wall

Welsh artist Jane Simpson is best known for her contemporary sculptures created using everything from ice, silicone and rubber to wood, precious metals and glass. Spotted by Damien Hirst at her graduation show, her work went on to feature in the infamous Sensation show of 1997. 


Matt Bryan

Art at El Fenn - skulls displayed on a turquoise wall

Matt Bryans is an English artist known for repurposing materials that might otherwise be forgotten or thrown away. His piece at El Fenn is made from the stumps of discarded Christmas trees for instance and he’s also used old newspapers in his art. Whatever material he works with however, Bryans consistently reveals its hidden beauty. 


Fred Pollock

large art canvas on black wall in hotel bedroom

After studying at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, Fred Pollock made his name as one of the leading abstract painters of his generation. Best known for expressive brushwork and rich colour, he’s shown at the Royal Academy, Hayward and Serpentine galleries in London. 


David Shrigley

a collection of david shrigley art on a green wall

Witty, surreal and darkly humorous are some of the adjectives used to describe David Shrigley’s work. Nominated for the Turner Prize, he’s best known for his drawings but also DJ’ed, composed an opera, experimented with sculpture, and directed a pop video. The polymath creative has one million Instagram followers.  


Bob & Roberta Smith

Bob and Roberta Smith are in fact one person: British artist Patrick Brill. The artist, writer, author, musician and academic is known for his politically charged ‘slogan’ art that hangs in the Tate Britain. He’s also a passionate advocate for educating children in the arts. 


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