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Vanessa’s Top Art Picks for Spring 22

Marrakech’s art scene is thriving and draws artists, collectors and enthusiasts to the city from all over the world. We caught up with El Fenn co-owner Vanessa Branson. A gallerist, curator and founding president of the Marrakech Biennale, here she gives her top picks for art this spring if you are visiting Marrakech.



I’ve long admired Hassan Hajjaj’s work. In addition to Riad Yima, his cafe and gallery space in the medina, he’s also got Jajjah in Sidi Ghanem. It’s a cafe, store and gallery space with two exhibition spaces showing predominantly Moroccan photographers. I loved this work (above) by De Hasnae El OuargaI. It’s about the traces left by the people who went before us. Immerse yourself in Hassan’s colour-soaked world.

Jajjah website



This new gallery has opened with an ambitious exhibition by Amine El Gotaibi. His moving works are created out of steel, wool and baked earth.

MCC Gallery Instagram



This is one of the oldest Marrakech galleries and shows an eclectic range from Moroccan antiquities to paintings by the early Moroccan contemporary masters and champions of the Essaourian school of art. Mohamed Melehi, (above right) who died in 2020, was a founding member of the Casablanca school and one of the leading Modernist artists of his generation. Galerie Tindouf website




Galerie Siniya is one of my favourite galleries because Hadiya Temli has a wonderful eye and consistently shows the best emerging artists.  Her latest exhibition includes the work of Rachid Bouhamidi (above right), with his colourful depictions of enigmatic characters. Galerie Siniya website



 Comptoir des Mines – Hicham Daudi’s expansive gallery is worth visiting for the Deco building itself. Comptoir des Miines website.



MACAAL opened a few years ago and it shows consistently well researched and exciting exhibitions. Beautiful building, garden cafe and cool little store. MACAAL website



Galerie 127 art examples

Galerie 127 is the finest photography gallery in town showing both historic and contemporary work. Galerie 127 website

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