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Meet the man behind El Fenn’s newest art installation. In many ways, Hassan Hajjaj defies description.

He’s certainly an artist. But Hajjaj is also a multi-hyphenate creative whose work stretches across disciplines including portraiture, photography, design and fashion. But at the heart of all he does is Morocco, the medina and street life.



Once dubbed the Andy Warhol of Marrakech because of the bright, pop art elements of his work, Hajjaj went on to create his label Andy Wahloo. In Darija, ‘wahloo’ means nothing and Hajjaj uses the ‘nothing’ of everyday life to create stunning installations. In place of Warhol’s soup tins, he transforms everything from Moroccan food tins to slippers into art.

An old friend of El Fenn, Hajjaj – whose work has been shown in galleries including London’s Somerset House and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art – has created a new installation in our Colonnade Cafe.


Hassan Hajjaj at El FEnn


Tins of beans, soup and other foods have been transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour. He’s also created a wall of bottles – inspired by the stained glass used throughout El Fenn.


‘El Fenn is like a home in Marrakech for me,’ says Hajjaj. ‘ There is a long friendship here and I also love the building too. It’s one of the most beautiful in Morocco. Plus ‘El Fenn’ means arts and so it’s a natural fit for me to create work here. I  wanted something of mine to be part of the hotel.’



Hajjaj was born and grew up in the northern city of Larache before leaving Morocco for England aged 14.

He made his name with the photo series ‘My Kesh Angels’ – featuring women dressed in babouches and veils sitting defiantly astride their scooters. Since then, he’s become a globally recognised name and developed a celebrity following that’s seen Madonna, Cardi B and Will Smith sit for him.



But his real love remains the everyday ‘heroes’ of the city – from friends and neighbours to gnaoua musicians and the henna artists of Djemaa el Fna. And, of course, soup tins. 





:: You can see more of Hajjaj’s work at Riad Yima, 52 derb Aarjane, Rahba Lakdima Open daily 10am-7pm (except Friday 10am-1.30pm) Or follow him @hassanhajjaj_larache 

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