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The El Fenn Magazine – Wine & Food in Morocco

Thyme from the High Atlas Mountains, fish from the Atlantic Sea, argan oil produced in Essaouira and wine from Meknes: Morocco is truly a land of plenty.

Add in the renewed sense of just how important local food production is thanks to the Covid pandemic and you have the roots of one of the most exciting food scenes in North Africa.

It’s all about a focus on caring for both the planet and people through organic farming and responsible employment – plus the key issues of interconnection and community justice.

All this is why we decided to dedicate the new Spring/Summer 2022 edition of the El Fenn magazine to all things food and wine. 



Inside, you’ll find a profile on the young Moroccan chefs who are making Marrakech a foodie destination. 

Aniss Meski, who was born and raised in Casablanca, lived in Canada for ten years before returning to Morocco last year and opening le Mouton Noir – a hybrid restaurant, takeaway and private catering venture where he blends everything from Moroccan to Asian influences. 



We also talk to Nahla Bahnini, co-owner of Domaine de Baccari – one of a growing number of small Moroccan vineyards working to introduce terroir into their wine. The specific sense of place that extends beyond grape variety to soil and climate has been largely absent from local wine until now but Nahla and others are working to reinject it into their vintages. 


The taste of Morocco, as written in the new El Fenn Magazine


And we’ve profiled the work of food cooperatives in the High Atlas Mountains and network of produce growers who are eschewing industrial methods for more natural ways of doing things.

Elsewhere in the magazine, you’ll find itineraries covering the key areas of Marrakech filled with addresses from our little black book of the best shops, places and sights to see – plus details of what’s inspiring us right now.  

We hope you get inspired too! 


The El Fenn Magazine is available to pick up at the hotel


:: The El Fenn magazine is available at the hotel so drop in to see us and have a read in real time.


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