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Some Like It Hot

We’re not going to lie. Summer is hot here in Marrakech. 


But with a little planning – and a few tweaks to your day – the heat shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Summer is also the ideal time to get a little more bang for your buck thanks to our low season rates so we’ve put together our top tips for travelling to Morocco when the heat is on.


It’s called High Noon for a reason.

Midday to about 3pm is the hottest time of the day so that’s when you need to be inside or poolside. Don’t think about sightseeing after lunch. In fact, it’s the perfect time for…


Siesta, siesta, siesta.

Take a leaf out of the Southern Europeans’ book and swallow up the hottest part of the day with a sleep. You’ll wake refreshed and ready for the gorgeous summer nights.


Marrakech comes alive at night in the summer - be a night owl

Be a morning lark & a night owl.

Get up early to enjoy the warmth as the sun rises and stay up late to make the most of the evenings. Summer nights really are hypnotic here – the warmth, the smell of jasmine, the candle light. Make the most of the darkest hours. You’ll find us on the roof terrace under the stars.


Dress for the weather.

That means no waistbands if you can help it and natural fabrics only. Don’t even think about nylon or polyester. The coolest fabric? Linen or silk. If you have packed at the last minute and don’t have anything suitable in the suitcase, do not fear. Our boutique stocks stunning kaftans that will tick the box. Co-owner Madeline Weinrib’s has created a stunning collection of embroidered linen perfect for daytime mooching. New Tangier provides a contemporary approach to Moroccan craftsmanship through sustainable and thoughtful design and Sana’s Atelier kaftans are perfect for those with a creative spirit. 


Remember that riads are designed to keep out the heat.

You’re definitely going to feel the temperature in a new construction and will need constant air con. But with their thick walls, tiled floors and air flow, riads were built to withstand high temperatures. El Fenn is always comfortable and if you need a little extra boost of fresh air we have of course got air con in all our bedrooms. 


Take a dip.

We’re one of the few hotels in the medina with a pool. In fact, we’ve got three (four if you count the plunge pool on our roof terrace.) Our main ground floor pool is tiled in carrara marble and surrounded by foliage so there’s always plenty of shade. It’s the perfect place to while away a sultry afternoon. Upstairs, our beautiful rooftop pool has a bird’s eye view of the medina and there’s also a small pool in the spa so you can have a cooling dip before your massage. See more about our spa and pools here.


marrakech in the summer, use pools and riads to stay cool

Keep hydrated.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to drink plenty of water. We filter our own here at El Fenn and have still and sparkling on tap for guests.


Tan safely.

As above, this is a non-negotiable for your health. The sun here is stronger than it is in Europe so you need to be super cautious with sunscreen. 


Get active after dark.

The souks are open late and you can visit them at night because we’re just a few minutes walk away. They are a fascinating part of history and culture within Marrakech and we recommend that you hire a licensed guide to make the most of the souks, they’re certainly more than just shopping. Find out more in our recent blog about using a guide to explore the souks


Summertime is for relaxation…

– not walking marathons. If you’re not poolside at El Fenn, then we can recommend a number of other pools open for day use. Take a look at the Top 5 Pools in Marrakech



We’ve condensed the best of summer at El Fenn into one perfect summer package. Our Step Into Summer promotion includes return airport transfers, welcome cocktails on the roof terrace, a luxury hammam treatment for two, a day trip to a luxury pool club, a three-hour guided tour of the medina by night and a traditional Moroccan dinner at the Colonnade Cafe. The price for two people is €500 (5500MAD). Find out more here.

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